Hi there!

This is me... I'm Marlene! And I'm so glad you're here.

I’ve always been fascinated by photography—I remember watching my mom take pictures and poring over the prints, wondering how she managed to catch someone’s smile or laughter. When I began to take pictures in high school, I loved dipping the paper into the developer, waiting for the first faint shadows to appear as the chemicals worked their magic. The creative process was (and still is) something that moves and elevates me, and I’m so thankful to make it my life’s work.  

As a Christian, wife, and mother, I’m continually inspired by the love of Christ and my love for my family. They’ve been my creative spark and favourite people for almost seventeen years, and a big reason why I transitioned into professional photography. Knowing how precious (and fleeting!) those wonderful moments are, I wanted to be able to capture them for others in an elegant, timeless fashion that you and your family will treasure for generations to come. As a licensed and insured professional, I take pride in developing my technical skill and artistic eye, and have completed my  in Applied Photography at Mohawk College.  

I love colour, sunlit paths, peaceful gardens and craftsman architecture, and the way those spaces come alive when they’re filled with laughter and shouting children (and, of course, a freshly-brewed pot of coffee—I need my cuppa in the morning!) I love seeing the joy of newly-engaged and newly-married couples as they start their lifetime journey together, and I love seeing home walls filled with galleries of the milestones that shape a family and a community.

I’m so excited to meet you and learn how we can make your special moment a lasting memory.