Frequently Asked Questions

What should we wear to our session?

I think this question is the most popular! I have a few rules of thumb...

1. Choose Mom's outfit first. We are usually the pickiest ;) Once you've made a choice you can choose a colour palette based around that. 

2. If you haven't noticed, I LOVE COLOUR. So don't be afraid to add it. I recommend around 3-4 colours and lots of neutrals. You can even decide to go the all neutral path - as long as not everyone is in matching white t-shirts. ;)  The same is true for larger families... choose a colour palette of 3-4 colours and then add in lots of neutrals and some denims.

3. Add texture! Add pattern! Sometimes we shy away from pattern, but Dad in a patterned button up shirt, or sissy in a floral dress will add variety to your look.

4. Don't forget footwear! For in home sessions, bare feet are best. If you're not comfortable with that, just make sure you have nice socks.

5. Avoid logos and neon colours.

5. BE YOU. If you're the type to dress up fancy, then do it. Flowy dresses are amazing in a photograph, and Dad in dress pants and a classy polo will create a timeless feel. If you're a jeans and t-shirt kind of family, then keep in mind the above guide and go for it.

A few more FAQ...

How should I prepare for my newborn lifestyle session?

Babies are busy and I am ready for that! Having had four babies of our own, I remember how some days just don't go as planned. And I'm here to say, don't worry! Do your best to have baby fed and changed into a clean diaper and a simple onesie or outfit of your choice before I arrive. If you're still in the process when I get there, that's totally ok. It gives me a chance to scout out your space and chat with the new parents about their new addition to the family. If siblings are involved, it gives me a chance to earn their trust. Sometimes we end up just capturing that big sibling for a few minutes first!

When will we receive our edited photos?

I know how hard it is to wait for photos! I do my best to get you a sneak peek the same day as your session to help with the wait. Typically, you'll wait 2-3 weeks for a family, newborn, or maternity session, and about 6-8 weeks for a wedding.

What happens if it rains?

This question is asked so often! First, we don't panic. ;) I always recommend we wait till the day of the shoot and watch the hourly forecast before making the call to reschedule. Radar is usually a good indicator of what will actually happen. Of course, you could have a back up indoor location, but typically we reschedule your session.

How will we receive our images?

I will deliver your images to you through a beautiful online, password protected gallery. You get the gorgeous visual without any of the worry. But, if you want to share those images, you can do that to your heart's content. From the gallery you will be able to download your images to print and enjoy for years to come.