It’s literally the most well-known fact of life, but it still takes us by surprise—children don’t stop growing! In the blink of an eye, they go from tender newborns and chubby-cheeked children to beautiful adolescents and flourishing adults. When memory grows dim and the little things are forgotten, photographs let us relive the happy days and the little details that make our loved ones so precious to us.

For individual family units, I offer customized portraits and candids, capturing you and your family in both posed and relaxed settings that reflects who you are as a growing family and the love and laughter you share. Individual portraits of each child are included, as well as those rare, unguarded moments where siblings are actually enjoying each other!  Spring, summer, fall and winter are all beautiful seasons for family pictures—no time is the wrong time! Individual families include parents with their dependant children. Individual family packages start at $325.

For extended family units, we capture images of the generation that started it all—Grandma and Grandpa (or, if you’re like me, Oma and Opa!) There are both formal and informal pictures of them enjoying their children and grandchildren, and each individual family unit will receive portraits as well, so Grandma can update the family gallery on her entryway wall and Mom gets her Christmas card photo.  Last (but never least) we get the coveted whole-group shot! (This last one takes some time, but is so worth it!) They make a wonderful anniversary or milestone-birthday gift, and is a wonderful experience that creates laughter and fond memories for years to come. Extended family packages start at $600.