And just like that, the weather gets cooler and the autumn colours appear. This year the colours were absolutely gorgeous! So vibrant - and Alex and Alycia's wedding day fell during the peak of this beautiful fall. This couple did some research and found a lovely trail by Felker's Falls in Hamilton, Ontario which created the most beautiful canvas for the happy couple. I had a great time capturing these two and their family & bridal party. Alycia and Alex had all the details sorted, and their family was so wonderful to be around. Everyone celebrated this duo! The ceremony was a beautiful service in the couple's church. Special readings were done by close friends and family, bringing extra meaning to the service. Alex and Alycia both grinned ear to ear when they said their vows! Their reception was beautiful as well - and the food was none like I had ever experienced -- absolutely exquisite and delicious! What a celebration!