When Deb called me to book a session, she mentioned that this was a Christmas gift from her family. “They’ve promised to stay clean and cheerfully cooperate, so I need to do this soon before the charm wears off!” We had a big laugh, and, true to their word, her adorable kids did wonderfully. We shot at the W. Ross MacDonald School in Brantford, which created a beautiful, chateau-esque backdrop for family photos. They understood how important this was to their mom and smiled, skipped, laughed and cuddled on command… almost the whole time! ;) Honestly, half the battle of family sessions is preparing the children ahead of time—make it clear that the more they pay attention and follow instructions, the sooner they can have ice cream! (I wholeheartedly recommend bribery offering some sort of incentive in these circumstances. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar right!?!?) It was a great day, and Josh promised to get some canvas prints as soon as the images were delivered—memories are wonderful things, but they’re twice as meaningful when they’re hanging in your home as well as stored in your mind. <3