Being a new mom--being a mom, period--requires flexibility. You can make all the plans you want, schedule everything down to the minute, get up early and make a healthy breakfast for everyone and something will still happen. This is one of the reasons I love what I do--as a mother of four, I understand completely how even the best laid plans can go awry, and am always, always ready with a back-up plan.

Take Kevin and Loretta--they just welcomed their beautiful new baby Samara to their family, and were eager to do a newborn / family shoot, but Samara’s schedule, the childrens’ attention spans and Mum and Dad’s energy levels were each competing with each other. So we decided on a lifestyle shoot--half our time outside on their stunning property (the rain had refreshed the grass to the glorious green our Ontario landscapes are known for!) and half our time inside their cozy farmhouse. I got the more formal shots indoors and the fun, active shots outdoors, taking plenty of time to let Jocelyn and Justin show off their awesome treehouse. The smiles I got out of them were worth every extra effort--they were super enthusiastic and so cooperative, and Loretta loved the pictures. As new parents, you have to learn to take the rough with the smooth, and the best part of my job is being able to transform what can sometimes be a rough season of life into a smooth afternoon of creating beautiful memories.