As a wedding photographer, I often get asked what makes a great shoot. There are two parts to that answer: the technical (which is too long to share here) and the personal, which is impossible to share because it’s so case-specific. But I can tell you what made this engagement shoot so great--the sheer amount of love radiating from every person involved, myself included.  

I’ve known Ashley and Ian since they were children--I knew Ashley as a young girl, and I actually babysat Ian a few times!--so it was especially poignant when Ashley rang up to ask me to shoot an engagement session for Ian and herself. She’s got that special blend of drive, determination, kindness and exuberance that you know will result in a smooth shoot and a good time! We hopped into Ian’s dad’s truck, did a bit of off-roading around the farm, and found some gorgeous settings to shoot--she’d planned everything and was so well organized that we were able to really enjoy each other’s company and this happy season in their lives. Not even the mosquitoes could ruin the evening (though I did have to work my digital magic to (ahem) make their presence less obvious.)