One of the greatest honours I can receive as a photographer is a client referral.  When you feel like I’ve captured you and your loved ones so well that you tell your friends about me, it’s music to my ears! 

That’s why I was so delighted to hear from Phil—I did two of his sisters’ weddings, so when he wrote to tell me that he was marrying the most beautiful woman in the world, of course I leapt at the chance to take their engagement photos!  Both he and Ashley work in the healthcare industry, so I wanted to do something romantic and elegant for their portraits.  I recommended the Paletta Mansion in Burlington—a stunning backdrop for an engagement session, and one that Phil (a keen photographer himself!) was really interested to see.  It was a bit of an overcast day, but that was perfect—the clouds diffused the light perfectly and allowed me to capture some lovely images all around the property.

Planning a wedding in 2021 isn’t exactly a simple thing, but Phil and Ashley make it seem effortless—they’re so in love and have such an easy, playful demeanor that I could hardly catch enough shots to do it justice.  Their ready sense of humour and flexibility make them a wonderful couple, and will serve them well in the years to come as they step into a new life together.