As a working mother, planning everything ahead is my life. Don’t get me wrong; I absolutely have days where I’m scrambling to bundle my kids out of the door while answering a text, wolfing down a granola bar and reminding my husband to stop at the grocery store on his way home—who doesn’t?! But as a rule, I try to organize what I’m doing so I can be prepared for the little curveballs that sometimes get hurled into my day.

This shoot was a great example of the curveballs you can’t prepare for. :D

When the Bevaarts asked me to do a family photo featuring their beautiful new baby, Naomi, of course I was super-excited—I love meeting new people, and I love them even more if they have a newborn! Their home is just outside of Caledonia, and the way the afternoon light played off the trees was incredible to see. Everything was going perfectly—they looked wonderful; the weather was wonderful; the children were wonderful—and out of nowhere, we found ourselves in a downpour. The clouds just rolled up and the rain dumped out. Not an ideal scene (especially when we’ve got a baby to work with!!!) But these guys took it all in their stride and laughed it off—the boys cooperated beautifully; we got our final shots under their covered porch (whew!) and booked it back to the house. 

It was a great reminder that no matter how well we plan, there are always going to be minor hiccups and inconveniences. We can’t plan for every eventuality, and that’s OK—sometimes, it’s those ‘uh-oh’ moments that create lasting memories! I’m so happy Erica and Dan let me capture theirs. :D