This session was a lot of fun—Brian and Catherine are old friends of mine who own an organic farm in Brantford, and it’s one of the loveliest spots in the city. There are literally cows grazing, chickens clucking, and a beautiful farmhouse that was built in the mid-19th century—basically a dream location for family photos!

Farming is a family affair, and these guys love their work—the children are out with their father every day doing chores after they finish school with their mom, and their dedication to their work showed in everything they did. They worked for three long years to get the organic certification for their farm, and are very conscientious about replenishing the earth that provides us with the grain we need. The children are in their element among the fields and barns, anchored by the love of their parents and their careful stewardship of the land. (I wasn’t quite as adept at navigating the ground—there may have been a moment where I stepped in manure. Anything for a good shot, right?!)  

One of things I like most about shoots like this is the reminder of the interconnected nature of life on our little blue planet—when the earth thrives, humans flourish. Their farm is a beautiful example of that, and it was a privilege to capture it.