I am working on my last college course to complete my certificate in photography. It's only taken me seven years, but what matters is that it's almost done! My last assignment was a bit of a photographic essay, as well as a written one (ugh!). Those photographs led me to capture some documentary style photography. I don't want to use the word lifestyle, because lifestyle has an element of preparedness. I asked Emily to go about her afternoon as usual. Don't coordinate outfits, don't tidy up unnecessarily, and carry on with household tasks. And as a homeschool Mom, that means all the kids doing their various activities in the midst of all that. To say that my bucket was filled, is almost an understatement. My heart soared because I know how fleeting these days with little ones are. And I know how as Moms we end up snapping the pictures with our cell phones, rarely getting in the frame ourselves. Emily is a beautiful, godly, relaxed mother. She loves her children and her husband. Capturing Nate come home and seeing the children watch for him was like reliving days gone by. Finger prints on the fridge, play dough stuck to fingers, and dirty faces are fleeting. Dinner time feels chaotic but it grounds the family together in a moment of prayer and a chance to catch up at a slower pace. What gifts each of these moments are. If you'd like an afternoon captured like this, I'm your gal. ;)