I’ve known Amanda for a while--I shot two of her brothers’ weddings--so it was an enormous compliment to be asked to photograph her and her fiancé in an engagement session.  We’ve all had such a good time together that I knew this was going to be an amazing afternoon--they threw together not one, not two, but three separate ~lewks~ and rocked each one.  (Simon’s shoes!  Amanda’s lace dress!)  We frolicked--well, they did most of the frolicking--through downtown Dundas; crashing parties and film productions, climbing trees and looking fabulous while doing it.  The results were--well--you can see for yourself.  :)  The turn-of-the-century architecture contrasted beautifully with the early-spring verdure, the light couldn’t have been more lovely, and Simon and Amanda’s enthusiasm and excitement created their own glow.  With so much uncertainty and instability these days, it’s comforting to know that if we carve out time for love, fun, and play, even the hardest seasons will have their sweet moments.  I’m so excited for Simon and Amanda, and can’t wait to share their special day with them--stay tuned!