Looking to get in good with your mother-in-law? Take a hot tip from this dear lady’s son’s girlfriend and give her the gift that keeps on giving: a family photo shoot! Seriously; this is some next-level thoughtfulness. After some slightly-hectic scheduling (when you have teenage and adult children, it takes a while!), the Lammers family and I met up at the stunning Dundurn Castle in Hamilton, the former home of Sir Allan Napier McNab, a 19th-century railway magnate and politician. It’s a favourite spot for weddings, and it’s easy to see why--the Castle boasts some of the most beautiful neoclassical architecture in our province, and the light reflects off the facade, creating a gorgeous glow on everything around it. The fall leaves and Levi, the family dog (so cute!!!) added that Hallmark-movie quality that you know is going to create some stunning images. But it was the smiles and laughter of a family enjoying a restful afternoon together that made the real magic--to see everyone chatting with the ones they love best took a fun photo shoot and turned it into a treasured memory that will last for many, many years to come.