In my community, a lot of couples get married young--we’re a tight-knit group where everyone knows everyone else (and everyone’s family!), so when you have two people who’ve basically grown up together, fallen in love, and are ready to start the rest of their lives, it’s pretty adorable to see. It’s all the wonder and joy of first love coming to a beautiful fruition, and that’s what I saw in Eric and Emma.

These two went for a semi-destination wedding for their big day--the ceremony was held outdoor at a family home in Port Colborne, and it was nothing short of spectacular. We had bridal party shots on the beach (YES!); vine-covered turn-of-the-century buildings (ALL THE YES!); and the cutest first-look I’ve seen this year--Eric was pretty nervous (as grooms are) and of course showed up early, pacing up and down the driveway with his guitar. When Emma arrived I told him to stay where he was; that I would let him know when to turn around, and his head shot up and he yelled, “You mean she’s here?! Now!?!?” I was dying! His face when she turned around said it all. They later told me how surreal it felt to be married, but also how right it was. They’re two hearts united in one Lord, and it was so lovely to be able to document this happy beginning to their new life together.

Hair: Maiike Suk, Melissa Droogendyk

Makeup: Evelyn Borgdoff

Florals: Forever Flowers

Dress: Annette's Bridal

Menswear: RW&Co

Stationery: Zazzle