How gorgeous is this family? I loved the fall tones that they chose for their wardrobe, and the pops of yellow complemented the beautiful fall colours just right! While you don't need a specific occasion to take the time for extended family photographs, this family was celebrating their parents' 40th anniversary. 40 years -- wow! That's FOUR decades. And look at all the blessings that have sprung from these years of love and commitment.... These little ones clearly loved being at their grandparents' house and spending time together. It was a chilly evening, and we worked hard and fast, but was it worth it or what! One of the many benefits of shooting at a private property, is that while we worked through each individual family's portraits, the others could wait inside where it was warm. And maybe cookies were in there too... I heard some rumours. :). Double bonus is when the private property has the most perfect willow tree! I'm so thankful this beautiful group of people allowed me to capture these memories for them. Congratulations Gary & Jackie on 40 years of marriage!