“Nothing is sweeter than a new life starting.”

--Lucy Maud Montgomery

I love babies.  They’re perfect little bundles of potentials, and I love thinking about what quirks, virtues, and skills they’ll show in the passing years.  It takes a lot of love and wisdom to develop them into godly men and women, and I’m always filled with a mix of concern and tenderness for new parents.

Baby Levi and Sadie were born pretty recently, and it’s already clear they’re going to be pretty different--Levi was wide awake for a big chunk of our session, and Sadie slept all afternoon.  Their big (fur) brother stood guard (and even posed handsomely!) while I got some very cute shots of Mike and Sarah with their little angels.  We kept it comfortable and casual--a warm, happy memory of a new chapter in the life of a young family.