Planning a wedding and renovating a new home probably isn’t on every bride’s to-do list, but then, Rachel isn’t your average bride.  This gorgeous girl is uh-mazing; a laid-back organizer who can plan and arrange with the best of them, but can also relax and go with the flow.  It’s easy to see why Aaron fell for her! 

The couple’s new home is in Mitchell, and it was important to Rachel that this new chapter in her life begin in their new house.  I loved the symbolism of joyful preparations happening amidst dust on the floor and recently-nailed drywall (Rachel snagged herself a very handy groom!)—life doesn’t need to be perfectly arranged for its beauty to shine.  The ceremony took place at a close friend’s home nearby, and Rachel’s little girl, Emma, was easily the star of the day—she was so sweet and loved being photographed.  The fall sun on the country road couldn’t have been better—it worked with the lovely faces and warm colours to create a stunning palette, and the contrast between the soft clouds and afternoon sun produced some gorgeous shots.  As I think back on that day, it’s the interplay between shadow and light, bright and soft that I remember most—every season brings its joys and hardships, but if we stand back for a moment, we see how God uses both of them together to shape and form us.  When I look over Aaron and Rachel’s photos, I’m so happy to think about their love for each other, and how that will continue to colour every season of life they share.