This was an especially heartwarming shoot to do--this family has been serving Christ’s church in Brantford for many years, and the Lord has now called them to a new province and a new congregation. A friend of mine who is a pastor’s wife has often said that one of the hardest things about life in ministry is the unstable nature of the work--just at the moment you put down roots and form meaningful connections, you’re obliged to consider another call. I was honoured when they asked me to commemorate this chapter in their lives, and we spent a lovely evening shooting at a friend's country property. I teased their kids by remarking that teens are usually tougher than toddlers, and here they were making everything so easy! Yeah, there was some mud involved; yeah, the photographer may or may not have taken a spill, but if it’s not on the ‘gram then it didn’t really happen. :D :D 

It was a memorable session, and my prayers go with the Hunters as they start this next phase of their journey.