If you have little ones, you know that getting them to take pictures can be kind of a gamble--it may go well, it may not, with a lotta space in between. :) Jacob and Kiersten have the sweetest little two-year-old named Elijah, and he was a trooper throughout our shoot--for a while. ;) I totally get it--it was chilly, we were running all over, and it was getting close to the end of the day. Everyone’s ready for dinner and rest at that point! Happily, your intrepid photographer here just happened to have (drumroll, please) his favourite toy train in her pocket. Not gonna lie, I felt pretty great about myself, especially since this was a very important photo shoot: Elijah’s going to be a big brother! Jacob and Kiersten have prayed for some time for their growing family, so I was really excited to be able to document this new chapter for them. 

Brantford isn’t known for its beauty, but we should be. Our city is over 150 years old and boasts some amazing turn-of-the-century and modern architecture, which resulted in a chic urban feel that I loved. It’s a wonderful blend of heritage and progress, and it created a perfect backdrop for a young family awaiting their new addition.