As a photographer, light is literally my life—it’s all about using light, shadow, and the contrast between the two to create a beautiful image. It illuminates a subject’s face, conveys emotion and softness, and turns a moment into a memory. The only tricky thing about it is that it shifts—you can’t count on the same light to show up in the same place in the same way each time! Happily, my friends and their sweet children were up for a bit of ‘light chasing’ on the day I took some family photos. 😊

James & Angela live in Brantford, a city with a lot of lovely parks sprinkled throughout the neighborhoods. I found one that was absolutely ideal—secluded, with beautiful foliage and precisely the right light. The weather was cooperating so nicely (always a plus!) and the ambient glow was bright enough to illuminate their features without overshadowing them, which was especially important since I was photographing their brand-new beautiful baby girls! I was delighted to see how happy they were with the final result.