You guys. Just LOOK at my dear friend Jess’ gorgeous family. :D :D Can. You. EVEN. I’ve known her for a long time and I could just barely. This was such a fun day--when Jess rang up, she mentioned that she wanted something a little less traditional and a little more contemporary. I suggested Brantford’s Artisan Village, and it was 100% the right choice--Jess and Steve looked phenomenal, and the kids couldn’t have been more perfect. Arianna and Alexa were so great helping their mother get their little sisters ready, and big brother Landon brought all the Zoolander energy to the shoot. Madelyn and Alaya’s grins stole my heart right away, and as for Mr. Max--it took all of my professionalism to not pinch those sweet, sweet little cheeks!!! (I didn’t, really!) :D It was a great day where the enthusiasm and energy flowed easily and naturally, and worked together to create some beautiful memories.