Farm-to-table is a bit of a buzzword (buzzphrase?) these days, and Laura and Jelle took that to heart when they were planning their wedding. Laura’s a country girl at heart—her family owns a dairy farm in Woodstock—and when it came time to plan their big day, she contacted a family friend who incorporated the most charming rustic details into their reception. I had taken their engagement photos, so I was really excited to see what they’d planned for their wedding! 

The ceremony was conducted at a turn-of-the-century church that created a stunning backdrop for their vows. Fall is one of the loveliest seasons in Ontario, and that day was no exception. The colours on the trees, the afternoon sun reflecting off the corn stalks, the green of the bridesmaids’ dresses all combined to create an atmosphere that was both elegant and relaxed. Everything was on point, but what made it perfect was Jelle’s face. All the grooms I’ve ever seen are happy on their wedding day, but Jelle was positively glowing—he simply couldn’t take his eyes off his beautiful bride, and she. was. radiant. To me, it was a perfect illustration of who they are as a couple—attuned to details, but focused on each other, the life they want to make, and the people they want to share it with.