Geraldine is one of the most organized women I know—as a mother of five, you’ve gotta be!  She’s the one who plans the photo shoot around everyone’s work / school / girlfriend commitments, and can pinpoint down to the minute the best time of day for it.  That’s no small feat when your children are young adults with every moment of their week planned out! 

So one bright Saturday morning, we wandered over to the trails of Apps Mills and captured those awkward teenage sibling photos with the photogenic grace that shines through when a family is at ease with their photographer and each other.  😉  Seriously; aren’t they gorgeous!?  I well remember my own teenage years, and understand why they can be hesitant when it comes to family photos—there are so many changes happening, and you just feel out of place everywhere.  But when I look at these pictures, all I see is brilliant potential and the thrill of possibility—how will God take and fashion these beautiful young men and women?  What gifts will he develop and refine; how will they serve him, their families and their communities?  I hope that in a few years from now, when the family are looking back on these memories, they see themselves as I see them—fearfully and wonderfully made, created in the image of God for good works in Christ Jesus.