Elliott and Emilia welcomed their first baby close to Christmas, and for brand-new parents, they have the teamwork aspect of it down pat!  You can’t imagine a warmer, cozier home or a couple more at ease in this new phase of life.  The love they have for each other and their little boy was radiant, and it was so much fun to see this chubby-cheeked boy in the adorable outfits Mom had picked out!  (Yeah, the overalls were a bit snug, but hey—pictures are forever and now he has something super adorable for the graduation slideshow, amirite?!?!)  The window light was incredible—I was able to get some beautiful spyglass shots of them in the master suite, and baby was so calm and easy to photograph.  It was a restful, contemplative day, and I was really happy to be able to capture that for Emilia and Elliott.