Everyone has a one of those sister-from-another-mister kind of friends—the around-the-corner, bump-into-regularly, hang-out-on-snow-days, ask-the-awkward-questions kind of friend that feels like they were tailor-made for you. Ingrid was that friend for me, and when she and her husband and three boys moved away a few years ago, they left a big hole in all our hearts. 

Happily, I still get to visit on occasion, and the last time I was there I suggested we do a family shoot. Ingrid was thrilled—she and her husband own a beautiful property with masses of land, and it was such a gorgeous evening that I knew we’d get some amazing photos. The boys were (ahem) slightly less enthusiastic—give an active child a choice between playing with their old friends and posing in nice clothes, and it’s not hard to guess which they’ll pick! We had to work pretty fast, but hey—it wasn’t my first time at the rodeo. ;) Ingrid loved how they turned out, and it was a wonderful way to capture a happy reunion with some of my favourite people.