This gorgeous family was referred to me by a colleague, and boy was I thankful.  Talk about your million dollar family; these folks were an absolute dream to work with--Mom and Dad were so sweet and relaxed; we all clicked immediately.  Their children were a ton of fun--I loved seeing them through my lens and catching glimpses of both of their parents, as well as their own unique personalities.  They’re at that age where who they are as adults is beginning to peep through what they’ve been imitating in their parents, and it’s wonderful to see it shining through the mischievous little grins and sparkling eyes.  

We met up at Mount Pleasant Nature Park, which never disappoints--the overcast light cast a bright, even tone over everything, and the park was lush with fresh foliage and those picturesque old buildings that add character and transcendence to family pictures.  We had a great evening, and I can’t wait to do it again!